About Gareth Campbell

Sales Representative

Gareth Campbell brings over a decade of experience in real estate and has represented clientele from families to commercial clients in an array of real estate transactions. Buying or selling a home in the GTA is a complex, sophisticated and often deeply personal endeavor. He takes a team approach to real estate because his clients deserve the full service and attention that only a team of experts can consistently provide.

Gareth consults with many real estate professionals, attorneys, architects, civil engineers, financial institutions, investors and contractors to verify design studies, plans and cost estimates; this experience makes him effective in studying and evaluating real estate property.

As a seasoned real estate professional, he recognizes and values the trust clients place in him, and he strives every day to exceed their expectations. As a Realtor his education is never complete; he continually invests time, money and thought into the latest sales, marketing and negotiations techniques.

Things he is most passionate about for his clients:
*  Consulting with them… He will make sure you make a good decision at every step in the process.
*  Negotiating for them…He will treat your money like it’s his own.
*  Handle all the details for them…ensure the hundreds of steps in the real estate process are handled properly for you.
*  Helping to build wealth though real estate…This means he will teach you how to invest in real estate the right way just like he has done for himself.
On a personal note, he attributes his success not only to his passion for real estate, but also to his team approach regarding buying and selling real estate. Bottom line is, he is going to get the job done accurately and efficiently for you.
Let’s work together. He looks forward to hearing from you.
My Knowledge Is Your Success”!